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Recipe: Nasturtium Butter

This delicate butter recipe is the perfect compliment for baby and bridal showers, brunches or even just to accompany with your favorite breakfast. Not only does this butter have a wonderful bright color, but the flavor is rich and creamy with wonderful spicy notes of onion, garlic, and even hints of radish all from four simple ingredients.

Nasturtium Butter Recipe:

12-16 Nasturtium flowers
3 – 4  Nasturtium leaves
2 Tablespoons chives
8 ounces of unsalted butter

1. Take out your butter and leave it out on the counter to soften, while you work. You can use salted or unsalted butter. I prefer salted for the extra flavor it brings out in your finished butter.

2. After picking your flowers thoroughly wash them with cold water to get off all the insects or dirt, these flowers are hardy so don’t worry about damaging them. Make sure that the flowers you use are not treated with insecticides.

3. After washing your chives, fold them in half, take one long piece and tie it around the bundle, this makes them much easier to chop. Then cut the chives into small pieces. Cut up the Nasturtium leaves into small shredded pieces as well.

4. If your butter hasn’t quite melted yet just heat it in the microwave for a few seconds to finish softening it, then whip the butter with a fork to add a little fluff to it.

5. Now slowly mix your ingredients in one at a time, making sure they are evenly mixed in.

6. To create a simple pretty shapes for the butter once it has been formed, I got small paper liners for chocolates, you can also use chocolate molds which come in every form you can imagine, and the butter will slide right out of them. Spoon the butter into the forms, then refrigerate until they are set.

7. The finished Nasturtium butter can stay in the fridge for a few months or in the freezer for a year!


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