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Charlotte’s Symphony in the Park

If your like me, your always looking for cheap, but romantic date night ideas, people always say you should go to those summer concerts, and while there have been quite a few signs around it took me most of the summer to get to one this year. It wasn’t until I read about Charlotte’s Symphony Series; The Summer Pops that I really wanted to go. At first, I will admit, I thought it would be hard to convince Rich to go sit in the park for a few hours, listening to classical music even with an awesome picnic. So I decided to be super sly about which concert I picked. Luckily each week at the Pop’s is really different, highlighting lots of types of music and I was able to wait until I found the perfect one, it was music that he just couldn’t refuse. July 17, Selections would be from Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Geek Bibles if there are any! He was more than convinced when I showed him, he was even excited!

So I knew I was going to have to pack a pretty stellar picnic if I was going to keep us both happy and cool all afternoon, but for some reason, procrastination maybe, I left it all to that day. Honestly I was pretty exhausted after baking up a batch of my Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies, and packing up fruit, Irish Cheddar Cheese, and Nasturtium Butter on Spiced Bread, white wine and water the day of the symphony. Next time I promise I’ll be proactive and make all the food ahead of time.

Our little picnic didn’t even begin to compare to what the average Pop’s goer brought, while their were more casual goers, quite a few had pretty insane set ups. Low wooden tables that sat on top of beautiful blankets that were strewn with pillows, some even had tablecloth’s, vases of flowers, and candles. People definitely came prepared to impress.

Then finally after waiting about two hours the music started. The conductor seemed a bit nervous, but he did a really wonderful job. The music was powerful and all of these pieces from such dichotomous sources came together to form a beautiful whole. The crowd really was silent, drawn in by the symphonies beauty; the music could be heard throughout the entire park. Even the little kids around me sat still and listened. This Tuesday they will be playing their last concert for the season called Celebrate America! In honor of the 4th of July. I really hope that everyone who can, goes and see’s the symphony for their last summer concert. I know I will be there.  Bye!

You can buy tickets on their website or at the event with cash or a credit card.   http://www.charlottesymphony.org/summer.asp


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