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I’ve always created art it is who I am, I need to make things just like need to breath. Going to Rhode Island School of Design was a dream come true. I started out as a textile designer, creating  bedding patterns for the mass market. Now I create lovely one of a kind pieces of silver jewelry inspired by the plants around me.

I work in sustainable silver almost exclusively, because I the world to be a healthier and happier place.  Working in recycled fine silver keeps the earth healthy by minimizing all the risks associated with mining, while growing an organic garden to supply myself many varieties  of leaves and branches to use as molds for my silver jewelry,  provides a wonderful ecosystem to all sorts of creatures.

I always start my new pieces of jewelry by exploring my organic garden looking at what’s in bloom or which plants would look good as a pair of earrings or a pendant. I sketch out my ideas just to refine my plan. Then comes the best part, layering the silver paste over the leaves preserving there shape and form forever.  Firing in a kiln burns off the binders creating solid piece of fine silver jewelry.

I’m constantly experimenting with turning new types of leaves and branches into silver and while I have standbys like sage and mint I’m always experimenting with new varieties lately its creating pieces out of wood not just leaves, bangles made from wooden branches that have been coated with layers of silver until its a thick and strong bracelet. I love pushing a medium as far as it can go and that is what I am trying to do with Art Clay Silver.


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