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Featured Artist: Stina Persson

I recently fell in love with the work of Stockholm based designer Stina Persson. Stina has lived and studied all over the world from Tokyo, Florence, and New York to Italy. Her work is created by hand in ink and watercolor with touches of colored pencil and Mexican cut papers. Her incredible watercolor paintings from the collection called Perfectly Flawed were inspired by getting off of the computer and being less than perfect, but really I think that she has achieved a higher level of perfection in her newest collection. Something that you can only find in work completely done by hand, and kept away from the coldness and digital rendering of a computer. Her work is mesmerizing and amazingly influenced by the timelessness of the fashion from  60’s and 70’s.

Stina has worked with clients such as Absolut Vodka, Nike, Godiva Chocolatier, Macy’s Department Stores, Bloomingdale’s, Penguin Books, Sony Music, Uniqlo, Rimmel, Urban Decay, Target, 2K T-shirts, Harper’s Bazaar Japan, Elle UK, Marie Claire, Amica, Flaunt Magazine, Squint, Biba, Jane Magazine, etc.


All images belong to Stina Persson.

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