Treasury Tuesday Roundup: Happy 4th of July!


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America Is Not… Is
America is not a land marked by boarders on a map
America is not made of rock land or sea
America is not the country
we were fooled into
mistaking it to be
America is not a monger of war
not a preacher of nationalism
America does not exploit
the weaknesses of humanity
America has never been
represented accurately
or depicted properly
by those career manipulators
America is not a place
where one man can reject
the presence of another
America is raw unearthed potential
freedom truth beauty equality!
America resides in the heart and mind
America is home of the human spirit
America is a dream of potential earth utopia
America is something we all cherish and long for
America, its time we redefine ourselves
rethink our concept of who we are.
Gregory Allen Uhan

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Outfits for a Breezy Summer


1. Cheap N Chic Tort Brown Sunglasses By StreetChicVintage85 $14.95
2. Liberty of London Scarf £135
3. Ancient Greek Sandals $255 Bet-A-Porter
4. Cream Tassel Tote Bag $44 Dorothy Perkins
5. White Topaz and Gold stud Earrings $85 Orit Naar
6. Horizon Haze Top Mod Cloth
7. BlueBird Beach $17.25 Hollister

Summer is all about great fashion, friends, and having fun, and this outfit is just perfect for keeping cool while you’re having a good time. The sheer shirt is light and airy and will keep you dry on even the hottest summer days, while the great colored scarf by Liberty of London adds a punch of brightness to your outfit and the gold sandals and earrings are beautiful neutrals that will punch up your wardrobe.