Back after so long.

Wedding ring made from custom Birch Bark Mold with Mountain Range effect.

Birch bark textured wedding ring, with mountain range effect

I know it’s been an incredibly long time since I have updated my blog, but it’s been for a very good reason. So much has gone on and changed in my life that there really hasn’t been time to keep things running on a reasonable time frame, but now that things are slowing down I feel like I can step back into it. So what has been going on, well we’ve moved from sunny Charlotte, North Carolina to the beautiful Pacific North West, Seattle to be more precise. And I’ve never been happier.  It’s a gardener’s dream with long rainy springs that are filled with flowers and amazingly sunny summers that just never seem to end. It’s inspired so much new work that I just can’t wait to share with you all.


Evans Coghill Brings the Farmhouse to Riverwalk in Rock Hill South Carolina

Modern American Farmhouse

Evans Coghill Landsford Farmhouse

Model Shown: The Landsford
Builder: Evans Coghill Homes
Designer: Forester Kinney Interiors

We recently covered the new building development in Rock Hill SC, called Riverwalk. Known for its outdoor activities and shopping developments, Riverwalk will bring much needed growth to the area. One of the new builders coming to Riverwalk is Evans Coghill Homes. While only 12 years old, Evans Coghill has made its reputation as a preferred builder of traditional looking homes in the Carolina’s. They’re a designer of right sized custom homes, and strive to be exactly what the buyer wants. That means focusing on living to scale, homes that use materials economically, and environmentally well, where square footage is never wasted and luxuries are always plentiful.

A cream and red kitchen with matching living room.

A white and red nautical kitchen with green couch and co-coordinating living room.

These are homes for customers looking for an extremely high quality purchase, not just the lowest cost per square foot. Quality seems to be something many buyers forget about when they’re shopping for a new home. Often swayed by a low sticker price they forget about the extras you see in a model, that makes the home you want, the home you’ll get. While an Evans Coghill home has a higher sticker price, it comes with an almost endless list of included features. Items like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors,* crown moldings,* baseboards, as well as their Environments for Living package, which includes low VOC paints, low energy windows, and energy efficient heating and cooling systems, are just a few of the base features that are usually add-ons when you build with other companies. Evans Coghill also has a state of the art online presence, that will make it easy to build your home from far away. That way you always know that your decisions are being followed, even if you can’t be on site all the time. Additionally a portion of the profits from each home goes to Habitat for Humanity, making these great homes for people as well as the environment!

This neutral green living room has red and orange accents.

This neutral green living room has red and orange accents.

Most of the homes in the Rock Hill collection are either Craftsman in style or Traditional American Farmhouses. The homes feel perfect in this part of South Carolina. The area used to be full of farms and factories, so the slight rustic feel seems to be a nod to the locations previous use, but inside the model home every finish is luxurious, from the extra tall ceilings, to the wider then normal entry hall, that leads you from the front door into the beautiful red and white model kitchen.

Cream and red country kitchen with nautical accents.

Cream country kitchen with red nautical accents.

The living room, dining room, and kitchen, in this house are in an open floor plan, giving the space a very casual feel. This is not a home with a stuffy formal living and dining room. This is a space for people who like to have the entire family together. I loved the warm and whimsical nautical themed kitchen. The extremely large pantry is great for a family, and the breakfast bar makes for quick easy seating.

A dining area off of the kitchen.

A cream and red country style breakfast area.

The wainscoting on the island is a great trend detail that is everywhere this season, and the matching chairs at the breakfast bar and the dining area pulls the two spaces together. You can even walk out to the large covered patio from the dining and master bedrooms.

The bedroom has dark finished and red and gold fabrics.

A Tuscan style bedroom with red and gold fabric’s and dark wood and leather finishes.

The master bedroom is large for the size of the house, it also has a double tray ceiling. You could easily fit any, but the largest bedroom set in the room, it’s only downfall is that there is one medium-sized closet in the room.

This long thin bathroom is finished with cream walls and dark wood.

Cream walls, dark wood and a light granite make for a lovely bathroom.

What makes up for the lack of closet space in the bedroom, is the shower. You can see it reflected in the mirror, it’s at least a 7 ft long walk in, all tile shower, complete with seat and multiple shower heads! Oh yes, I wanted to stay and take a shower right then and there. This is a signature Evans Coghill shower, you can see it in quite a few of there houses, and I think it probably draws in quite a few buyers.

A large study is set at the front of the house.

The study is finished with gold walls, and deep teal floor length drapes.

The study was right at the front of the house, it’s a beautiful room, full of light from the windows on two sides of the building, and has lovely dark honey hardwood floors. The white built-in bookshelves on the back wall set of the creamy paint, and if it was my home I would close in the room with French doors.

Game room in the loft.

The game room in the loft has a fun exterior style awning on the wall.

This upstairs loft areas has one of the cutest wall treatments for a family game area that I’ve seen in a while. Reminiscent of an exterior, the wall has been built out to have a real roof awning that matches the house’s exterior, complete with shingles. Bold artwork highlights each square of siding.

Bright red and green gym.

Bright and colorful gym.

Instead of a fourth bedroom the designer chose to put in a gym, with yoga mat, ballet bar, mirrored wall, stationary bike, and vertical shelving. The brightly colored bike themed valances make for a really playful area, while one entire wall is open to the loft making it easy to convert this a large space in case you would like to alter the use later.

Teal bedroom for her, guestroom.

Neutral teal bedroom for her with birds and art nouveau detail.

The last two bedrooms are both off of the loft area and share a bathroom. The first is perhaps my favorite spaces in the house, this room is designed with a teen girl who has very sophisticated tastes in mind. The bedding has teal and green flowers with brightly colored birds on it, giving the room an extremely serene feeling matched by the art and mirrors on the walls.

Unisex bedroom in blue and green.

Neutral guest bedroom in blue and green with branches.

The last bedroom is a guest room done in neutral colors, with large dresser. Each of the upstairs bedrooms has a good sized closet and easy access to the bathroom.

The house was beautifully decorated by design team Forester Kinney Interiors! To find out more about Evans Coghill Homes at Riverwalk contact Rodney Jones

*Denotes that material will be in living areas.

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Charlotte Home A Rama

Craftsman Cottages Coming to Riverwalk in Rock Hill

The Riverwalk project currently coming to Rock Hill, is not only bringing new life to the city, the project has something that the Charlotte area greatly needs, someplace where homes, sports, shopping, restaurants, and a beautiful waterway all come together, to form a perfect family experience. Riverwalk has a list of activities, which will be built in the coming months that seems truly endless. From the Town Center that is full of shopping and restaurants, the very center of the social world at Riverwalk, complete with YMCA and Giordana Velodrome; to the ample hiking trails and kayaking opportunities on the Catawba River, right near the River District, where you will find more shops, restaurants and homes right on the water.

Here’s the stats for the Savannah
Craftsman: 2,680 SQ Feet
Builder: Saussy BurBank
Interior Designer: 505 Design
Furniture:Nest Furnishings

The beautiful homes built at Riverwalk by Saussy Burbank all have Craftsman exteriors,  personalized with a relaxed South Carolina beach vibe. A few weeks ago I got to look at the beautiful Savannah model, which luckily enough was decorated using one of my favorite stores, Nest Furnishings, located right here in Fort Mill South Carolina. You can also see them featured during the Charlotte 2012 Home A Rama.

The Savannah is move in ready, and features some of the newest trends you’ll see this season, from the birds and owls that you will find throughout the homes art, rustic fabrics matched with the more luxurious fine finishes, to mismatched vintage glass chandlers, even the cute family chalkboard in the laundry room, it’s hung at the kids eye level, so that little ones have a place to play while their parents are doing laundry, the trends are right on target.

The entire home feels extremely open because of the wonderful 10 foot high ceilings, tall white baseboards, and generously wide hallways. The finishes that were chosen, white walls with matte charcoal trim on the stair railings and doors, mixed with the light cherry floors adds to the feeling of light, space, and airiness. I especially loved the use of the aged bronze finish on all the hardware. While it hasn’t been a major trend for quite a while, this house made me remember why I’ve always loved it so much.

The kitchen is modern and clean yet still has that wonderful vintage feel. This is a kitchen that almost anyone will feel comfortable in, with its calming sage green walls, and white cabinets.  I love the way the designers have coordinated the island cabinets and counters with the rest of the kitchen, reversing the color of the cabinets and the counter tops on the island helps to give the room interest and a sense of coziness that can be lost in modern kitchens that are to clean. The simple addition of thin pieces of molding on the glass fronted cabinets adds a great Craftsman detail especially when matched with the wainscoting on the walls. As always I can’t get enough of a rich deep brown wood floor in the kitchen, it adds warmth and richness to the most important room in your home.

From the kitchen you enter into the dining room, one of the few formal spaces in the home. The dining room is a rustic and elegant version of the French Country, with large rough-hewn wooden furniture, heavy textiles, and natural colored finishes. The dining room table is beautifully carved and compliments the sideboard perfectly. This is by far the most elegant room in the house, the extra tall chair rail gives it immediate presence even before any furniture is added. Two of the walls are solid windows and give you wonderful light, across from the dining room is an un-pictured study.

Stone, branches, wovens, plants, wood and brick are all used to add interest and texture throughout the house, these small decorative details are what set’s a house apart.

The living room is a simple, but comfortable space. With a couch that’s able to fit a large family and simple tree stump coffee tables. Not visible in this shot is the fireplace, bricked with black matte subway tiles, and framed with a white built in book case, topped with the living rooms TV.

The master bedroom is a rustic and elegant retreat, made to calm you at the end of a long day. It’s complete with the luxurious fine finishes of the velvet headboard, mirrored night stands, and sumptuous bedding, it’s paired together with the roughness of the dramatic gray pickled wood wall, and loosely woven draperies.

The room is a lesson in the beauty of contrasts. On the far wall is a large charcoal gray armoire and huge round drift wood mirror. The small back porch is accessible from the master bedroom and would make for a wonderfully relaxing place to sit at night.

The upstairs of the house is accessed by a wide staircase. The hallway is large and generous, with one side ending in two bedrooms and a linen closet and the other opening up onto a large entertainment room perfect for homework and play, and a screened in sleeping porch that looks over the street. All three upstairs bedrooms are large, and only two share a bathroom. The upstairs is a great suite of rooms for a family to live and play in, but if this house doesn’t quite suite what your family needs, there are always more to look at on Saussy Burbank site, where you can find out even more about the Riverwalk project.

The Tomatoes are Here

Yesterday I enjoyed the first tomatoes ripe off the vine from my garden. It’s been a long process to get them here, but they were definitely worth it. I started growing this variety of Tigerella tomatoes plant back in December, you can read about how I grew it inside under my LED light at the linked blog posts. I was really interested in the size and amazing coloration of this variety of tomato. The plants grown like crazy indoors, with just regular fertilizing, and as soon as it got warm enough I wrestled the pot outside and into a sunny spot in the yard. Overnight two of the tomatoes ripened, I let them stay on the vine another two days just to be sure, but when I couldn’t wait any longer, I just had to pick them.  The flavor was incredible, really rich, and slightly salty. I was worried they would lack flavor since they were mostly grown indoors, but this definitely did not taste like a hot house tomato.

The Tigerella tomato is a plum/cherry type tomato that is bi colored, red with yellow stripes. The plant which takes 59 days to mature is an indeterminate variety, with fruit that range in size from 2 to 4 ounces. It can grow to be 9 ft tall without pruning.