When finding the best birthday cake, eat it.

Bakery Nouvea's signature triple layer chocolate cake.

Bakery Nouveau triple layer chocolate cake with macarons .

This week while getting ready to celebrate the joint birthdays of a few of our friends, we set out to find the perfect birthday cake. Something moist, rich, and incredibly chocolatey. In other words the kind of cake that you eat with a tall glass of milk.

Living in Seattle that takes you to one place in particular, Bakery Nouveau. It’s an amazing Italian bakery complete¬†with a small seating area¬†where you can enjoy everything from slices of cake, macarons, and other pastries, to more savory fare such as thick pieces of pizza, and delicious sandwiches.

It was definitely a treat to get to sit down and have a sandwich while the cake was lovingly decorated by the extremely helpful staff. I can’t wait to try their Spring cake next.


Recipe: Southern Strawberry Peach Pie

This incredible fruit pie has a delicate crust that has that perfect crunch from its light egg wash, a thick layer of fresh picked spring fruit, and a rich custard like middle. The thick batter that you spread on top, bakes together with the fruit to become this beautiful pink, cream, and orange custard. It’s sweet, slightly tart and has hints of caramel. The top becomes golden brown and crisp. Mixing the strawberries and peaches, together with the cinnamon and batter really makes for something special. Especially with home-made whipped cream and fresh mint.

I made it yesterday and couldn’t help myself, I had a piece today for breakfast. It’s that good!

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From Onesie To T-Shirt

I’ve been spending quite a bit of my time sowing lately, so when a  friend of mine asked for some help turning her son’s onesie into a T-shirt for his third birthday, I was ready to go.  It was a quick and easy project really great for beginning sowers.  Here is the step by step how to.

One: Start out by measuring the onesie on the child who will wear it. It needs to be long enough to really look like a shirt, about an inch and a half over their waist band. If the onesie isn’t long enough you can add extra material in a coordinating color later.Two: Place your metal ruler on the onesie, and line it up to your cut marks. Then using a rotary cutter slice off the excess fabric. Three: Fold over the fabric .5″ and iron to set it, then fold and iron it again. Four: Look at the style of the stitching on the sleeves and collar, and try to match it as closely as possible. On this t-shirt it was a two straight stiches a .25″ apart.  Here you can see me just about to start the second line of stiches.And there he is playing away!