Treasury Tuesday Roundup: Happy 4th of July!


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America Is Not… Is
America is not a land marked by boarders on a map
America is not made of rock land or sea
America is not the country
we were fooled into
mistaking it to be
America is not a monger of war
not a preacher of nationalism
America does not exploit
the weaknesses of humanity
America has never been
represented accurately
or depicted properly
by those career manipulators
America is not a place
where one man can reject
the presence of another
America is raw unearthed potential
freedom truth beauty equality!
America resides in the heart and mind
America is home of the human spirit
America is a dream of potential earth utopia
America is something we all cherish and long for
America, its time we redefine ourselves
rethink our concept of who we are.
Gregory Allen Uhan

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Amazing Design from Used Plastic Bottles

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Sometimes the things people create, are so beautiful, so absolutely magical, and lovely that you can’t even imagine what the creation is even made out of. It’s even more amazing when you find out that the art is made out of something we consider to be garbage, or in my house recycling. Created by Turkish Artist and upcycler Gulnur Ozdagler, these bowls are created with simple tools found in almost every home; scissors, x-acto knife, heat pen, and a bit of dye. Her collection is called Tertium Non Data which means “the third is not given” a reference to alchemy where two disparate elements can create a third totally different material. Check out Ozdaglar’s amazing and functional art and jewelry at these following websites.

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Finally Packaging

My packaging is made with sustainable gift boxes.

I’ve been working on the packaging for my fine silver jewelry on and off for the last few months, but frankly graphic design is so not my thing. So after a little bugging I got Rich to look at it, he whipped this right out even though the only parameters I gave him was that I wanted it to be bright, colorful, and special. I’ll be adding these wonderful labels to my chocolate gift boxes. An added bonus, the material of the craft box’s and there cotton batting are made from recycled materials. I’m also starting to include a free gift with purchase, a pretty flower bobby pin.

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Ten Ways To Make Your Home a Greener Place to Live

Todays a great day to figure out how to be greener and kinder to Mother Earth whether you decide to put in a compost bin or invest in a rain-barrel.

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