Treasury Tuesday Roundup: Happy 4th of July!


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America Is Not… Is
America is not a land marked by boarders on a map
America is not made of rock land or sea
America is not the country
we were fooled into
mistaking it to be
America is not a monger of war
not a preacher of nationalism
America does not exploit
the weaknesses of humanity
America has never been
represented accurately
or depicted properly
by those career manipulators
America is not a place
where one man can reject
the presence of another
America is raw unearthed potential
freedom truth beauty equality!
America resides in the heart and mind
America is home of the human spirit
America is a dream of potential earth utopia
America is something we all cherish and long for
America, its time we redefine ourselves
rethink our concept of who we are.
Gregory Allen Uhan

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Tropical Paradise: Vizcaya Miami Florida

Take an afternoon break in a beautiful tropical location. This walled topiary garden is a cool quite retreat in the busy formal gardens at the Vizcaya Mansion, where all day long you can see people taking pictures for their weddings, engagements, and Quinceaneras.

For My Dream Wedding

Three Trees Bindery is a small bookbinding studio specializing in unique handmade journals, wood books, and custom wedding guest books. This wedding guest book is my favorite pick for rustic outdoor weddings, and just made for this wedding season!

Sometimes I wish I could go back and get married again, not because I would marry someone else, but because I missed out on the handmade wedding craze by just a few years. Oh I tried, but I got married just two months after graduating from college and right between an internship and starting a new job. There was just no time for making anything, well I made our guest’s gifts. But wedding’s now are just so much more personal. These are just a few of the wonderful selections that I have fallen in love with, and plan to use for our vow renewal.

Jaden Rai is a wonderful Etsy shop, inspired by nature, with original farmhouse wedding decor. I had trouble picking just one item from their shop and if I was to renew my wedding vows, their work would definitely be featured all over my wedding. I love their heavy use of birch bark!
Bragging Bags  features Morgann Hill Designs, her signature collection is rustic chic, and everything you need for a rustic outdoor wedding! Even better she can customize her work for your wedding!

Slimming Summer Style

1. Summer Straw Hat J. Crew $34.50
2. Neile Real Butterfly Jewelry – Blue Morpho Chevron $95.00
3. Target Beach Towel $12.99
4. Tommy Bahama Sandals $158.00
5. Supermarket THQ Tour Tote $96.00
6. Poketo Blue Ribbon Wide Angle Camera $35.00
7. Day of Driving Sunglasses Mod Cloth
8. Bathing suit on sale Old Navy $20
I’ve been hanging out at the pool as much as possible this summer and would love to add all of these pieces to my modern summer collection! But my favorite piece is definitely this bathing suit! I got it on sale at Old Navy and it looks wonderful on a woman with curves. After going from store to store looking for a new swim suit, I was happy to find quite a few wonderful suits at Old Navy this season. The pattern gives the illusion of an amazingly flat stomach and the low cut back is really sexy, but the suit still gives enough chest support.