Fine Silver Guitar Pick Necklace Fathers Day Gifts for Him

Fine silver guitar pick necklace with nautical water ripple pattern is a perfect for Father's Day gift.

Fine silver guitar pick necklace with nautical water ripple pattern is a perfect Father’s Day.

This wonderful piece has just been added to our Etsy shop, in plenty of time for Father’s Day and the summer wedding season, it’s perfect for Dad’s, grad’s, groomsmen’s and bridesmaid’s gift’s. The hand sculpted silver pick┬ácomes with a 30″ long stainless steel ball chain, and is made with eco-friendly recycled silver.


Simple Spring Daffodil Flower Arrangement

Simple Spring Daffodil Flower Arrangement

Simple Daffodil Flower Arrangement

Photo Credit Jessica Farber One Loom Studio

This simple DIY flower arrangement is remarkably elegant and perfect for daytime events like baby and bridal showers, and they would be perfect for a spring themed birthday.

How To: Dye With Natural Elements

Color Wheel Dyed on Wool with Acid Dye

One of the biggest problems with textiles is obviously the pollution that comes from the growing, weaving, and dying process associated with creating fabrics. There are many ways to cut back on the huge amount of waste created. Using organically grown or raised fibers is a huge step, especially with cotton. The large amounts of nitrogen based fertilizer used in regular cotton production is well-known to be a big contributing factor to the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. At home choose organic or natural dyes is a big step in the right direction. It is definitely possible to get beautiful rich colors using minerals, plants, and even insects as dyeing material.

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Handmade Holiday Ornaments: Swiss Chalet Birdhouse

I like to make my own holiday ornaments every year. It adds a special touch to the holiday season, and each year as you add them to the tree, those handmade ornaments just have so much more meaning then the store-bought ones. This year our ornaments theme was Swiss Gingerbread Bird Houses. As always I tried to be as eco-friendly as possible, using felt made from recycled plastic bottles!

So let’s get started with this how to:

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