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Slimming Summer Style

1. Summer Straw Hat J. Crew $34.50
2. Neile Real Butterfly Jewelry – Blue Morpho Chevron $95.00
3. Target Beach Towel $12.99
4. Tommy Bahama Sandals $158.00
5. Supermarket THQ Tour Tote $96.00
6. Poketo Blue Ribbon Wide Angle Camera $35.00
7. Day of Driving Sunglasses Mod Cloth
8. Bathing suit on sale Old Navy $20
I’ve been hanging out at the pool as much as possible this summer and would love to add all of these pieces to my modern summer collection! But my favorite piece is definitely this bathing suit! I got it on sale at Old Navy and it looks wonderful on a woman with curves. After going from store to store looking for a new swim suit, I was happy to find quite a few wonderful suits at Old Navy this season. The pattern gives the illusion of an amazingly flat stomach and the low cut back is really sexy, but the suit still gives enough chest support.

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