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Iris Crossing

Last year I started the spring with two simple Iris’s, that I found on sale at the home and garden store after they had all ready bloomed. A pale white Iris with a purple tinge and a deep orange pistils, with large ruffled petals and a deep cobalt blue Iris that had just the tiniest white and orange spattering of pistils, and even larger petals but this spring they had managed to cross with every Iris in the neighborhood, giving an amazing array of colors and textures. Thin pure white Iris’s with red and orange striping, even thinner white and blue Iris’s growing out of the Indigo clump that were veined with a deep indigo and spotted with red and orange.

The varieties that bloomed seemed absolutely endless, but as you walked around my neighborhood you could see where the genetic contributions probably came from. A delicate white and yellow Iris across the street, with thin petals, an even more delicate teeny tiny Iris a few blocks a way that seemed to perch a top a thin stalk with a deep indigo flower. I love the variety of blooms that I’ve wound up with, and I never expected to get.


2 thoughts on “Iris Crossing

  1. Bearded iris, Iris germanica, is a hardy, long-lived perennial that require a minimum of maintenance. The flowers have six petals; three upright petals (called standards) and three hanging petals (called falls). A fuzzy line or beard runs down the middle of each fall. Flowers come in many colors including blue, pink, purple, reddish, white, yellow, and bi-colors. Most bearded iris flower in the spring (April to June depending on cultivar), but some of the new cultivars re-flower in the summer and fall. The second flower display is not as showy as the spring display but last into the fall. Many re-blooming iris are fragrant.

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