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The Tomatoes are Here

Yesterday I enjoyed the first tomatoes ripe off the vine from my garden. It’s been a long process to get them here, but they were definitely worth it. I started growing this variety of Tigerella tomatoes plant back in December, you can read about how I grew it inside under my LED light at the linked blog posts. I was really interested in the size and amazing coloration of this variety of tomato. The plants grown like crazy indoors, with just regular fertilizing, and as soon as it got warm enough I wrestled the pot outside and into a sunny spot in the yard. Overnight two of the tomatoes ripened, I let them stay on the vine another two days just to be sure, but when I couldn’t wait any longer, I just had to pick them.  The flavor was incredible, really rich, and slightly salty. I was worried they would lack flavor since they were mostly grown indoors, but this definitely did not taste like a hot house tomato.

The Tigerella tomato is a plum/cherry type tomato that is bi colored, red with yellow stripes. The plant which takes 59 days to mature is an indeterminate variety, with fruit that range in size from 2 to 4 ounces. It can grow to be 9 ft tall without pruning.



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