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Southern Spring Home and Garden Show: Part 1 of 2

This seasons Southern Spring Home and Garden Show was by far my favorite out of the last three years. Each year the main room, the Belgard Gardens Showcase is given a theme to work with, something to bring all of the different vendors together, while still challenging them to create their own artistic expression around, this years theme was “Rhythm in Bloom.”

By far my favorite display was this simple garden scene, By Wilson’s Natural Landscaping llc. As you walk into this garden, you follow a stone path, filled in with pebbles, until you come upon two monumental stone and mosaic urns. These urns are covered in broken pieces of tan, mossy green and deep purple tiles, with a trim around the top of iridescent deep purple spikes, and are filled with soft green moss. The feeling in this garden was enchanting and even though it was in such a busy and loud setting it felt incredibly still, and quite.

While this garden was supposed to be set in Charleston South Carolina, to me it felt as though it was pulled out of an Irish myth. Some place where the Druids would wander and fairy’s would live. It’s a long and thin space, taking up much less area then most of the other exhibits, but it’s simplicity made it far more striking. The garden space was planted with a variety of edible lettuce’s in greens and purple, fuzzy moss, baby’s breath, and deep purple tulip’s which reflected back to the amazing tile work on the mosaic urns that are the grand centerpiece’s of the garden. It is fished by a wonderful framing of birch trees lit with fairy lights.

The second garden of the day was by Pondscapes of Charlotte, with the theme of The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Their garden was much more natural, it really felt like I had been taken away to the Smokey Mountains in the middle of spring, in this garden the color and use of bulbs and flowering trees really got to show off. I loves their use of texture and the amount of detail they put into their exhibit. You can see it in moments like the tree covered in mushrooms, the little frog inside of a tree stump. While you are surrounded by a garden full of heady blooming flowers, and a wonderful pond stocked with glittering koi, all are surrounding a delicate white gazebos where you could see the silhouettes of a man and woman dancing to the music’s beat.

Next up is the incredible stonework of The Stone Man, they showed up as usual in their signature work kilts. Very fitting since the companies slogan is “Bringing the stonework of Scotland to the Carolina’s.”  While this company doesn’t work with flowers, or plant pretty garden’s, like I usually feature, I was captivated by their round fireplace with bench seating. The scale is really monumental, I can’t imagine actually having a yard big enough to fit this massive fireplace, but if I did I know you could find me right there every night, toasting marshmallows. I have to say I found this fireplace to be really enchanting, again it seems like people where channeling fairy tales or myths this year. Since this seems like something very much out of an Arthurian Legend to me, with the massive stone work, double arch, and moss, especially since it projects out of the wall as if it’s a natural cave. Hmm maybe I am just getting a bit carried away with myself, but I think I’ll put this into that column of things I’ll buy if I ever win the lottery. 

Last, but not least was a beautiful bronze fountain that was filled to bursting with red tulips with orange tips; this incredible fountain features five woman holding hands and dancing with their scarves billowing in the wind and their legs cocked looking as though they are about to jump at any moment. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this it is just that lovely, it really looks like a piece that could rival any fountain it’s size at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unfortunately this piece was not marked as to who made it. If anyone knows please email me.


One thought on “Southern Spring Home and Garden Show: Part 1 of 2

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I pinned The Stone Man because it was so cool! I pinned your company logo because it makes sense.
    I am looking for a local artisan to teach a class on jewelry making and the fact that you use sustainable material is appealing to the student community we serve in Charlotte.
    If this is something you might be interested in, let me know


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