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My Winter Garden

Just like so many gardeners, I dread the winter, when everything dies back and there is just nothing to do. It is just so boring! Living in the south our winter is pretty short but, we’re still lacking the fresh produce that I crave all year round, this year I decided to start my first indoor farming experience. A few months age I started growing two types of peas, purple basil, tomatoes, and an extra licoricy green basil, growing inside a windowless closet and they have been coming in amazingly ever since.

For me the big question was lighting, I have central pain syndrome and the normal  grow lights that are used in doors, sets CPS’s alydonia skin pain flaring like crazy, so I needed lights with a really low frequency, but heavy output for the plants. Plus the regular lights are a major fire hazard, I don’t want my house going up in flames because I need my pesto once a week. I finally decided on these really cool LED lights. They look hot pink to the human eye and are made up of the exact wavelengths of light that the plants need to grow, the lights look dim since they are only producing the spectrums needed for the plants to grow in.

So have fun looking at pictures of my garden, I’m amazed how much I have produced in a 4ft square space. Especially when I can’t seem to keep the dogs and cats out of there.


2 thoughts on “My Winter Garden

  1. This is wonderful!
    The Northwest is not too bad for growing in the winter although I have experimented with the herbs, peppers, and ivy using the same LED lights.. I live with an electrical guru and he loves LED, damn near lit up our home and replaced the traditional lighting everywhere. It works so nicely to watch them grow indoors. I think a conservatory wish always exists.
    Your images are extraordinary!

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