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Etsy Find: Hanukkah Shopping

I comb through the Etsy Finds e-mails everyday, looking at there beautiful choices for the holidays, and themed gatherings. Hoping beyond hope that I will be included. But yesterday, I didn’t have time, I was simply to busy.

But late last night, I noticed that my traffic had just absolutely exploded, and I had no idea where it was coming from. I looked through google analytics, and saw a mysterious annotation, called bronto. Well what is bronto, and why is my traffic coming from google bronto. What in the world is that I asked myself.

Well after doing some digging I found out that bronto is the service that Etsy uses to send out there Etsy Finds e-mails.  But alas, I had deleted all of my emails for the day, and there is no archive for Etsy Finds. I continued my search looking through my email trash can. Until there it was, the Etsy Find, Tell your Friend Veronica… It’s Time to Celebrate Hanukkah! And it had in it under the gifts for men, my beautiful, Song of Solomon Dog Tag Necklace.  Woo Hoo!!!


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