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Handmade Holiday Ornaments: Swiss Chalet Birdhouse

I like to make my own holiday ornaments every year. It adds a special touch to the holiday season, and each year as you add them to the tree, those handmade ornaments just have so much more meaning then the store-bought ones. This year our ornaments theme was Swiss Gingerbread Bird Houses. As always I tried to be as eco-friendly as possible, using felt made from recycled plastic bottles!

So let’s get started with this how to:

First using graph paper, carefully sketch out your bird house. You will need to make two copies of the house so make sure the lines are nice and dark. That way you can easily see them through the paper.

Then cut out your second copy. You will use the second copy to cut out the back of the ornament.

Carefully pin your paper form to the felt, and cut around the edges. Cutting the shape out exactly.

Then cut the front form into the sections for the roof and the body of the house since these will be different colors. Pin the paper to the tan fabric and carefully cut the fabric out.

Next, create the holes for the birds to pop in and out of their houses, fold the fabric in half, and cut the two circles out of the tan fabric, exposing the black back fabric through the holes.

Using a hot glue gun, glue the hanging ribbon into place onto the black felt.


Once the hot glue has cooled, glue on the red roof and then the tan body of the bird house. Again wait until everything has cooled, you don’t want burned finger tips. Carefully go over the bird house ornament and trim back any area where the felt overlaps poorly.

Now comes the fun part the glitter!

I used Martha Stewart glitters in colors that were very similar to the felt colors. That way they just added richness and depth to the color of the felt.

For each color add glue to that area then sprinkled on the glitter. Once the glue is dry tap off any excess glitter and add it back to its original bottle. This keeps the colors from blending on the ornament.

Next came the snow writer, which kills your hands but looks amazing. You have to squeeze really hard to get this puff paint out, but the effect really is what finishes off the ornament, without it doesn’t look like winter at all.

Then make sure to carefully sprinkle the snow with crystal white glitter.

Leave the ornament overnight to dry and you have another ornament for your little Swiss village!


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