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Top Handmade Gifts for Gardeners this Holiday Season

 The Trailer Birdhouse by KoolBIrd is made with new and repurposed wood. It’s clean lines and modern feel is sure to draw quite a few birds to your yard! I know that I would love a few of these stationed around my yard for my feathered friends to live in.

It may be winter, but it doesn’t feel like it here in South Carolina. With the temperatures fluctuating between the 30’s and the 70’s it’s been quite a warm winter so far. It makes shopping for holiday’s even harder, when all I want to do is work in my garden. I really can’t stop digging and planting out there. So this holiday season’s shopping picks are for the gardener in your life. The person who can’t stop digging at the soil, even when theres inches of snow covering it. Who looks through seed catalogs with that dreamy look in their eye, imagining their garden in summer.

This is a totally new find for me. A garden paper pot maker by WoodElements, carved out of red wood. You can use this handy little device to take old news papers and make new paper pots to start your seedling in. It’s eco-friendly and fun!

This wonderful garden tool box created by Jtrumpfheller is milled from reclaimed cedar wood. It has a lovely earthy gray color that will look lovely no matter how much dirt you get on it, plus it has a delicate tree engraving on each side.

The handcrafted cedar nesting trays by Designs By Kohler are an amazing find. They have so many uses,  from harvesting baskets, to seed starting trays (they will definitely outlast those cheep plastic trays from the garden center), to planters, serving trays, or can even be used as indoor storage with an earthy feel.

For the gorilla gardener in your life comes seed bombs from Visualingual. You can choose just the right type of bomb for your area of the country; letting you create gardens in the most difficult to access areas. No longer will the gardener in you life have to look at an ugly plot of land knowing there is nothing they can do. A few well-aimed seed bombs and new life will bloom almost anywhere.

Last but definitely not least are the beautiful handmade garden markers created by Luster.  The markers can be labeled with any word that you like, giving you the option of labeling even the rarest of your plants. And the beautiful rich copper color sparkling through the leaves adds an amazing richness to your garden.


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