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Treasury Roundup: Winter’s Kiss

These amazing treasuries are cold and crisp and definitely ready for a sparkling holiday season! Take your time and look through them for a wonderful holiday treat!!!

The Two of Us

Curated By: Romy and Clare

Featuring The Work Of: PhotographyDream, cristinasroom, PoleStar, aliherrmann, lapisbeach, ileaiye, TheSlyFox, ThreeTreesBindery, FableAndFury, papercutsbyjoe, FusionSweets, emililies, KandiceInWonderland, atlasandforest, MissCrowland, MoonHalo


Curated By: Quirks and Crafts

Featuring The Work Of: wishdaisy, 3GIRLSandaGOAT, Kidivist, ValeriaFast, besty, stonesartisanjewelry, idea2lifestyle, SPARKLEFARM, papercutsbyjoe, RlynnPhotography, knifeinthewater, beethings, WhimsicalMinimalist, SarahBirtJewellery, Weaselfactory, sakao

And ThenCurated By: Nouveau TiqueFeaturing The Work Of: AppleWhite, TheHauntedHollowTree, tokyocraftstudios, Relogyyy, Baymut, theloveshop, BigBadWolfDesign, huiyitan, SkyeArt, simplevintage, CyberMoon, susantique, YellowBugBoutique, imali, iiiheart, OneDecember


The black wolf spirit will protect you in the dark forest.

Curated By: Ooooh Shiny

Featuring The Work Of: EyePoetryPhotography, RoyalMint, ARTISANIEeurope, SewnNatural, GlitzGlitter, CreatedByStorm, frighten,  itsastitch,amberalexander, DollfaceDeVille, Maari, mattleavitt, ThisYearsGirl, wolfartglass, redtilestudio, iluxo

Grey Winter Day

Curated By: AmandaRaeK

Featuring The Work Of: WoodenNickelsJewelry, FlourishCafe, handmadetherapy, SevenWhiteRabbits, cherryandviolet, ThongbaiTatong, ylleanna, ara133photography, LoveandKnit, ktsphotos, GollyBard, CreaShines, thePaintedSky, persephonevintage, ottoknits, awkward


10 thoughts on “Treasury Roundup: Winter’s Kiss

  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Jessica! 🙂
    I’m not in a Christmas mood just yet, so I very much prefer the winter treasuries to the red/green/gold ones atm. Besides, the monochrome palette is so elegant and timeless!

    • It’s still like early autumn here in South Carolina, so I’m definitely feeling more in the mood for crisp cool winter treasuries then ones that are all out in the holiday mood. I thought these were a good compromise, glad to see you all agree!

  2. I love how all of these gorgeous treasuries reflect the view out my window as I write this!

    Thanks so much for including my wee little farm painting in all of this gray-goodness!

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