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Home A Rama 2011: Post 1

Home A Rama this year was a lovely surprise for me, we were driving home one afternoon and stumbled onto the houses, I was so excited since I thought that it had already passed us by. The homes were definitely toned down from the mega mansions of the 2009 Home A Rama, but in my opinion it only made the homes more tasteful and elegant. Now while I am going to critique the houses and the designs, I want everyone to know from the beginning these homes were phenomenally designed and decorated, my critiques are minor, while the houses were incredible. There were a few overriding themes throughout the five houses in lighting, decor, and layout, but each design company really put their individual spin on their homes, showing exactly where there specialties lie. A common motif in the homes was found in the tray ceilings, soft white lights inset behind the moldings, in the dining and living rooms. In tall, airy, light rooms these lights added to the feeling of space, and air, while in closed darker spaces they created an atmosphere more reminiscent of the 80’s with the lights defining the outline of the moldings. I loved this idea because it seems like it is something that could easily be added onto an older home.

From sparrows, to owls, birds were everywhere in every form you could imagine, murals, sculptures, bedding, lights, sofa cushions, etc. these little fellows did pack a lot of punch in the statement department and they are one of my favorite decorative motifs, but I still found myself wanting something a little bit more wild.

There were also some really incredible built-in’s, from decorative shelving, butlers pantries, and built in stained glass buffet’s, these designers were really showing what they could do. My favorite trend was in the kitchen cabinetry, a decorate band of glass fronted lit cabinets to show of your prettiest kitchen ware.


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