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Treasury Roundup: Feeling Foxy

Falling Leaves
Curated By: Thrush
Featuring The Work Of: prettythingsbymeg, uncommon, jennyndesign, redtilestudio, Intres, sweetharvey, lauraclauson, fishandlotus, fabgabs, SilentRoses, mcclouddesigns, katedurkin, BozenaWojtaszek, ForestFloorPrints, naturescharms, CharmTopia

This weeks treasury roundup is inspired by the plants, animals, and the colors of fall, with treasuries that highlight the beauty of the season, and are absolutely wonderfully put together. I hope these picks help you to feel the crispness in the air, and take a little closer notice to the change of the leaves from dusty gray to shimmering red and gold.

A walk in the woods on a crisp autumn day
Curated By: Hairbrainedschemes
Featuring The Work Of: MyBohemianSummer, bonjourpoupette, craftypagan, erinf115, bls292, mailo, MagpieAccessoriesUK, subtleacts, ShannaMicheleDesigns, thevintagetreehouse, Raceytay, steampunkfunk, krisblues, MariMartin, bstudio, FforFelt

Teal and Orange
Curated By: Joybirdphotography
Featuring The Work Of: ArtemisLeatherware, heatherfuture, NatashaNicholson, Niftic, pebblesinmypocket, CreaShines, szalonaisa, gretchenmist, PineandMain, fruitflypie, heartsandbows494, DowdyStudio, SophieParker, thevintagesupplyco, TwinsKnitTogether, handz

In The Company of Foxes
Curated By: Lucysnowephotography
Featuring The Work Of: Milkfly, graphicspaceswood, amberalexander, celapiu, sabahnur, saratops, oldschoolfarm, ALDDesigns, WrenWillow, redtilestudio, claireandjanae, PaperPhine, adorablefoxie, tearinguphouses, petitmarvel,

Autumn Mix
Curated By: Modred12
Featuring The Work Of: NaturalPetProducts, Minxshop, sweetharvey, minusOne, Rhiamon, ethanollie, zwzzy, marbled, RecycleBuyVintage, sharonclancydesigns, Celticcatphotos, okapiknits, Sielukka, repurposedantiques, honeyblossomstudio, ZucchiniFlourVintage


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