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The Art of Victor Wang

Chinese born, American artist, Victor Wang grew up playing in the sunflower fields of northern China. But as he got older, he experienced these beautiful fields from a very different vantage point, because he was sent to work at a Chinese “reeducation” labor camp, shortly after graduating from high school. There his childhood sunflower fields, became the setting of daily grueling labor from sunrise to sunset. These powerful mixed feelings of both joy and sadness, are displayed in his incredible work. Victor emigrated to America, after attending the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, in China, and then went on to the Washington University, and Fontbonne University in St. Louis Mo. He is now a Professor in the Department of Fine Arts, at Fontbonne University.

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Victor Wang

  1. First, I am not trained in art at all (save in music). The heavy-handed looking use of oils makes it look as though these paintings ought to be a mess. Instead, the young girl all but breathes, and you can feel the ground beneath your feet, smell the sun-heated plants around you. I finally realized that the expectant feeling I had was that I was waiting for movement! This is beautiful work!


  2. Ian, you may not be a trained artist, but you have an amazing gift for words. Your comment shows how art can transform the way a person views the world. I love heavily worked oils and Victor’s work stand among the best in my mind. Can’t you see these in a gallery next to work by Van Gogh.

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