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DuPont’s Herbicide Goes Rogue

While Republican’s and Tea Partier’s look to slash government services, and limit any type of regulation on corporations; we are seeing more, and more a direct need to increase funding to departments like the FDA, USDA, and EPA. Tainted food, untested medications, as well as toxic chemicals are allowed to be sold, because the regulatory committees are so underfunded, that they rarely perform there own additional testing, to confirm the product manufacture’s results. This leads to a toxic marketplace, monitored by the mega corporations.

This is there story…

Monday 12 September 2011
by: Jim Hightower, Other Words | Op-Ed

The company’s landscaping weed-killer turned out to be a tree-killer.

In the corporate world’s tortured language, workers are no longer fired. They just experience an “employment adjustment.” But the most twisted euphemism I’ve heard in a long time comes from DuPont: “We are investigating the reports of these unfavorable tree symptoms,” the pesticide maker recently stated.

How unfavorable? Finito, flat-lined, the tree is dead. Not just one tree, but hundreds of thousands all across the country are suffering the final “symptom.”

The culprit turns out to be Imprelis, a DuPont weed-killer widely applied to lawns, golf courses, and — ironically — cemeteries.

Rather than just poisoning dandelions and other weeds, the herbicide also seems to be causing spruces, pines, willows, poplars, and other unintended victims to croak.

“It’s been devastating,” says a Michigan landscaper who applied Imprelis to about a thousand properties this spring and has already had more than a third of them suffer outbreaks of tree deaths. “It looks like someone took a flamethrower to them,” he says.

At first, DuPont tried to dodge responsibility, claiming that landscape workers might be applying the herbicide improperly. The corporation even urged customers to be patient and leave the tree corpses on their lawns to see if they’d come back to life in a few years.

However, faith-based landscaping was a hard sell. Disgruntled homeowners began filing lawsuits. Then DuPont had its own “aha!” moment when trees on the grounds of the DuPont Country Club also developed the “unfavorable symptoms” of Imprelis poisoning.

So, with DuPont’s cooperation, the EPA has finally banned sales of the tree-killing herbicide. But because of inadequate testing and a rush to profit, the poison will remain in the soil — and our water— for many moons. Trees will continue to die. Will we never learn?


2 thoughts on “DuPont’s Herbicide Goes Rogue

  1. “Will we never learn?”
    I’m not at all certain we have the time remaining to us to learn anything. In the preceding decade and a bit more of deregulation and corruption in which corporate profits have been paramount over even human life, damage has been done that will take centuries to heal, and some damage simply can never heal at all. We are altering the entire face of the earth and the basis of life itself.That is certain suicide.


  2. I meant to add – please get a spellcheck or a proof-reader. It’s “their” story, “Republicans” – a plural has no apostrophe, “there own additional testing” is “their”… There’s more, like comma placement. Normally I see this kind of writing, figure it’s someones third grader and move on.


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