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Starting Our Autumn Vegetables

I’ve started our fall planting, it always feels to early, as if planting these yummy vegetables beckons the winter to us, and quickens the end of these long southern summer days. Our summer vegetables were amazing, and I couldn’t keep up with them. Our friends were delighted, with the amount of tomatoes and peppers I’ve had to give away.

Our pepper plants have just hit there peak, producing sweet little orange peppers, and large yellow bells. But the true glory of the summer season was definitely our Roma tomato plants. I’d never grown Roma’s before and was shocked as I kept track of the pounds of tomatoes brought in through the season, we finished up with just under 28 pounds of tomatoes from one plant! They would probably still be going if it wasn’t for the humongous Tobacco Moth Caterpillars that devoured most of the plant before I was able to find them.

So for fall I’ve decided to add the great cold weather vegetables that we love to our peppers, purple basil, and regular basil. We have carrots, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and once the frost hits and the peppers die back we’ll be adding garlic in as well. Don’t these little babies look yummy all ready!


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