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How To: Harvest Flowers For You

These beautiful red and orange perennials grow in huge bunches around our home. There lavish flower display is so beautiful, that I couldn’t help cutting back a few choice branches to create this flower arrangement.

To start out you will need your cut flowers, scissors for trimming, a paper bag, raffia ribbon, and a large glass jar I used an old honey jar.


Than open your paper bag and roll it down two or three times until it is just a few inches taller then your jar. Next trim your oasis plant foam to fit into the jar.

When placing my flowers into the jar I start with the straightest stems, putting them into the center, and then place the curved branches around the outside.

Now put your water into the jar, since you are going to have to move the jar about, make sure there is at least an inch between the top of the jar and your water line. Then place the jar into the paper bag, and lightly squeeze together the paper bag under the fold line.

Wrap the raffia around 2-3 times so that it is nice and full, and then tie it into a bow. And that is all that it takes to make a beautiful rustic flower arrangement.


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