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Turning 28 and celebrating Memorial Day with everything Charlotte has to offer.

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing great after this Memorial Day Weekend! Hopefully more people are nice and relaxed, then hung over. We mixed our Memorial Day celebration with my Birthday which is just a few days earlier and so much has happened, I’m really not sure where to  start. My Birthday is always around Memorial Day of course, but normally we don’t do much for it, up until a few years ago, it always fell in the middle of the stress and craziness of finals week. By the time we could celebrate everyone was so exhausted, we were lucky to pull together  pizza and a movie. This year on the other hand, Rich seemed hell-bent on doing all of the things that I really love for my birthday. Honestly it was a bit exhausting, but was so incredibly worth it!

We started out Friday night with The Hangover II, a great movie even if it did feel ripped scene, for scene, from the original. I just couldn’t stop laughing through the entire movie, especially when my favorite character, Mr.Chow was on-screen. He definitely had the stand out performance of the movie, and I found his Cocaine habit to be ridiculously entertaining. It even allowed him to have the wisdom to expect people to be knowledgeable about a topic even if they hadn’t partake in it.  ““Oh you never do blow before? Sometimes your heart stops and start up again. Read a book!” The movie was followed by a delicious New York Strip Steak! I know, I know,  red meat is bad for you and I shouldn’t be eating it, but frankly it’s taste’s wonderful seared outside, nice and rare inside. Plus if I don’t indulging myself once in a while, I’m going to snap go crazy and maybe eat a whole cow! Saturday it was on to the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia SC, it was much nicer than I was expecting. With beautiful large animal habitats, and wonderful interactive exhibits. You could even hand feed some of the animals, which made for a fun and exciting day.  The park had plenty of food vendors, even for the packed memorial day weekend. Rich even got freshly made potato chips and they were damn tasty!The best part of the day was feeding the pigeon sized, rainbow colored birds from Australia, called Lorikeet’s. They have a beautiful outdoor enclosure, where rain would sprinkle down occasionally. The birds hop around, even landing on the people’s shoulders, sitting on their arm’s, and drinking sweet nectar out of little cups. It really feels like you’ve entered an alternate Disney Universe where you can just walk up to a bird, and they will be your bestest buddy for ever!We capped off the weekend with a Memorial Day Bar-B-Q and a Charlotte Knights baseball game with a bunch of our friends. I don’t think there is anything better then a summer night, and a local baseball game. I really couldn’t have asked for more!So now I want to hear about what you did for Memorial Day this year. Did you get crazy with your friends, have a family Bar-B-Q, go to the beach? How did you spend your first real summery weekend?


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