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How To: Silk Dupioni Herbal Sachet

Beautiful hand-made herb sachet have tons of uses, and are really easy to make.
Whether your tucking it into your pillow at night to help you fall asleep, or putting it into your dresser to keep everything smelling fresh, they are an easy way to scent your home without using any chemicals. For this herb sachet I used my own organically grown lavender and rosemary, both were thoroughly dried, cleaned, and all the stems, branches, and leaves were removed before being stuffed into the sachet.

How to make the Silk Dupioni Herbal Sachet:

For my fabric I started out with a left over scrap of white Dupioni silk that was about 15″ wide x 15″ long. I wanted to give it both color and texture so I decided to create a striped pattern with a smocked texture.

To create the different colored stitched stripes, I started by winding matching bobbins for the red, brown, and pink threads.

With my red thread all set up in the sewing machine, and the tension slightly high, I started sewing stripes that create the smocked texture, each line of the red stitching is about an inch and a half apart.

Once the red stitches were completely sewn across the fabric, I switched to the brown thread and bobbin, sewing a brown line directly between each red line. When I finished with the brown thread I followed it with pink creating a new stitched line between each red and brown one.

With every new line the smocking texture will be more pronounced.

Once the fabrics stripes, and texture were complete I folded the fabric in half with the bad side out, than ran a stitch along three sides leaving one short end open for stuffing. Stitching all three sides give it a nice clean look when you turn it right side out.

Than came the fun part, I chose lavender and rosemary for my sachet to help me sleep, but you can make up whatever herb blends that you like. I carefully stuffed the sachet until it was very full, since the herbs will break down.

Than I folded the last rough edge in, and quickly stitched it closed on my sewing machine by running a red line back and forth twice.
Simple and easy and smells amazing!


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