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Tuesday Treasury Roundup: Coffee and Chocolate, The Most Delicious Mix

Caramel Au Chocolat Delices

Curated By: Whiteoakroom
Featuring The Work Of: RiverOfRomansk, BlueRoomGems, rachellelevingston, FairytaleSweets, CheckowayGlass, TRACCEbags, CrochetMyLove, Amborela, podkaynestudios, luvs2create2, layette, AmeliaKayPhotography, AliceCouture, bertiescloset, mountaingirlsoap, tiazoey

Coffee time!!

Curated By: WISHsupplies
Featuring The Work Of: TheDrifterLeather, UltimateOrganicSoap, Evrydiki, stitchaddiction, Vikulya, ShebboDesign, Chameleonite, CoupDeCoeurJewelry, Amilka, StemellinaSupplies, birribe, Donauluft, dindi, BacaCaraJewelry, MARYsworks, juanitatortilla

Cocoa Chai

Curated By: MyBluePeacock
Featuring The Work Of: sageandmage, ryoushop, chalknotes, sundarastudio, GlitzGlitter, WickedScentuals, FyreflyHollow, beyondclothing, andiespecialtysweets, dearjes, FizaDesigns, SheAndSheGlutenFree, gottuso, 2737bc, justynajustyna, purushapeople

Hazel and Earl’s Ontario Farm

Curated By: cubits
Featuring The Work Of: christmasangel, waterwaif, sintwister, BeadFrenZ, LaurenceCollection, eireanneilis, paterpaintings, honeyandjamphotos, rachellelevingston, Splurge, funretro, DestinysCreations, peaseblossomstudio, kristimcmurry, rctees, andODesign

Morning Coffee

Curated By: amybunz16
Featuring The Work Of: tuckooandmoocow, Raceytay, kayemkay, izzyandluca, JDWolfePottery, zwzzy, annerstreet, itsastitch, GlitzGlitter, loveforjapan, VonlenskaVintage, missnatch, 4EyesAndEars, HouseJewels, elitewomen, braggingbags


27 thoughts on “Tuesday Treasury Roundup: Coffee and Chocolate, The Most Delicious Mix

  1. OH….WOW! Thanks so much for featuring my Cocoa Chai treasury….and these others are amazing! Checking them all out now…..what an HONOR!!!!!


  2. Wonderful blog and posting! Definitely going to follow! Thank you Jessica and Melissa for letting me know and also for featuring my cocoa bean butterfly tags to such an astounding round up! What is life without coffee anyways??? =P

  3. Pingback: Delicious Chocolat

  4. Thank you so much for including my caramels!! I love all the brown, natural colors!! xoxo Catherine.. Fairytale Sweets

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