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Just a few of my Etsy favorites for your home this spring.

When it comes to finding quirky handmade goods, Etsy is the place to be! Lately, I’ve been looking for some well priced listings, to refresh and liven up my home for spring.  I found an amazing hoard of the unusual, and delightful which left me wanting everything  I saw. Here are my favorites, the ones I simply don’t think I could live without!

Moss Cube Tillandsia Terrarium

This wonderful terrarium is hand made by a trained horticulturists, who fell in love with making terrariums. She started the Etsy shop, Sea and Asters soon after starting to create terrariums. The shop prices range between $5.50-$70.

Handmade Modern – Vintage Gnomes

Gunther the gnome is 12″ tall, and absolutely adorable! He looks great no matter where he is whether in your garden, or living room. With a quirky humor this gnome is not to be missed. You can find him in the Etsy shop 2 Chicks and A Fancy Owl where prices range between $10-$80.

Wee Garden Door – Silver Locket

Who knows what’s past the door a hidden garden, a magical realm, or a fairies house? This special pendant can be yours if you go to the Etsy shop Cocos Greenhouse, where prices start at $11 and go to $79.

Bird Wall Mirror No. 8

Fun and freedom are encapsulated in this bird mirror; created by stained glass studio Flux Glass. With over 20 years experience you know that your mirror will be well made to last you a life time. You can also find Flux Glass works in galleries all over Asheville North Carolina. Prices range between $30-$325.


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