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Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

The other day I literally stumbled across the blog Hooked on Houses. It’s an amazing site with a quirky edge that features famous homes, and beautiful interiors. Their post Living Small: Tumbleweed Tiny Houses captured my imagination. I have always loved small spaces, and these little homes seem like a dream of efficiency.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was started by Jay Shafer. He built himself a tiny house in 1997; because of growing concerns of the environmental impact caused by larger homes. The construction plans that the company offers come in many different architectural styles, and two distinct size options. There are Tiny Houses which range between 65-140 sq. feet; and Small Houses between 145-770 sq. ft . The plans may even include multiple bedrooms, or a second floor.

While I could totally imagine giving up all of our stuff to live in one of these amazing houses; just think of how much less cleaning that would be! Rich was not so thrilled with the idea.  He is claustrophobic, so maybe that effected his decisive no way! But he did have point that ceilings are only 7’2″ at the peak, and likely to make much of the upper spaces off limits to anyone tall. So maybe it wouldn’t work as a house for us, but I think it would make an amazing studio space!
My dream small house is the Sebastarosa. It would be painted white, with delicate gingerbread added, and tons of plants growing around it for me to cast. With the great room at the entrance, for shop space, and two bedrooms upstairs that can be used for an office,  and a studio. It seems like a dream come. Now if only I had the land, and money to do it!


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