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Quick Update: My Take State of the Union

I was incredibly impressed with President Obama’s State of the Union Address. I am a deeply patriotic American, I cry during powerful political speeches, or anything that vaguely has to do with the American Dream, and wan’t to really be able to look to our President as our leader. I see this country as a savior for so many. Including my own family.

Before WWI, and WWII Jews from the city of Slonim wear my family is from, were allowed to immigrate to America. During WWII all the Jews in Slonim were killed, not one member of my vey large extended family survived. If my Great Grandparents had not been able to settle here, if they had been turned away, or sent somewhere else like so many others, they would have died as well. This wonderful country saved their lives, and the lives of more people then we will ever really know.

So on to the speech. I was incredibly proud of President Obama’s strength and determination. He said what needed to be said, our country is falling behind in so many important ways. But the America that President Obama laid out, is an America I can support!! One that has fair tax laws, which don’t unfairly and ridiculously benefit the super wealthy. Where people can be open about there sexuality, or religion without fear. And most important ending the ridiculous subsidies to the oil companies in favor clean technologies. Moving forward, and implementing jobs, by updating our fiercely outdated technology grid. Even more importantly, investing in better education in our schools. In a country as incredible as this, a public school education should be comparable, or even better then a private school education. We should not be forced to cut back, by feeding our children garbage, and having huge class sizes; while we have a huge tax bracket that isn’t paying their fair share. Yes we can be the greatest again, we are the next FDR generation. The technology generation, we grew up with email, chat rooms, and twitter. We can spread information like no other generation. But now, we need to rise up to the challenge that President Obama laid out. To take his speech as a call to serve our country, to buy American, learn more about our political system, and invest in our country. We are American’s, and should be able to be proud of what that stands for!

I will say Congressman Paul Ryan came off to me as smug, and not really understanding the basic concept of Separation of Church and State. His lack of fact checking, stating that there had been no rise in job creation during Obama’s administration. Makes me wonder how dumb he thinks we are. We do have the internet you know, and can actually look up studies and get the real numbers.

It shook me that Congressman Ryan, couldn’t keep the smile off of his face while talking about his budget plans. Which seem to only include cutting benefits from social services, which will come no where close to equaling our national debt. I don’t really understand the Republican mentality, of cutting social services coupled with lack of government over site of business. This is just going to lead to American made products being as toxic as those that come out of China. The regulation of the insurance industry is one of the most important things American law makers have taken on in a very long time. It really confused me that Congressman Ryan did not seem to understand that much of our national debt comes from subsidizing the improper behavior of insurance companies. What is currently happening is, people pay premiums to insurance companies for years, eventually they the patient gets sick. Instead of the insurance company now paying out their claim, and covering there medical expenses, they drop the patient. State that they have any number of pre-existing conditions, and were never viable for insurance, of course they don’t return those back premiums. Leaving state hospitals to care for patients who now have no ability to pay. Over half of foreclosures, and bankruptcies in this country are caused by medical bills.

I hope that enough law makers are educated, and free thinking enough to walk away from the lobbyists who are currently ruining our tax system. I hope both sides come together, and realize that our country, and the people who make it up are what is important. And that these representatives should be looking out for the best interests of their constituents, not big oil or big pharma who can take care of themselves!


One thought on “Quick Update: My Take State of the Union

  1. Venezuela is no threat to us why not be courteous? .Asked yesterday at the end of the summit to define his emerging approach to foreign policy Obama demurred slightly but offered this guidance There are a couple of principles that Ive tried to apply across the board Number one that the United States remains the most powerful wealthiest nation on Earth but were only one nation and that the problems that we confront whether its drug cartels climate change terrorism you name it cant be solved just by one country. And I think if you start with that approach then you are inclined to listen and not just talk. .This is music to the ears of those leaders in the Caribbean and in Latin America who understand the importance of the U.S.

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