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Front Page Magic!

Curated By: StudioShu
Featuring The Work Of: aliette, natureinspiredcrafts, diningout, LuxeAdornments, rachelungerjewelry, OneLoomStudio, KathrynRiechert, dbabcock, iamhome, ZoeChen, SentimentRedesigned, gypsycarriage

Curated By: CreaShines
Featuring The Work Of: itsastitch, froufrouagogo, ljlhdesigns, malam, GlitzGlitter, Moxiedoll, littlebugjewelry, zwzzy, nightowlcraftworks, PoleStar, bellabijoujewellery, OneLoomStudio

I was amazed to be alerted while I was wheeling around Disney, that One Loom Studio was featured not just once, but twice on Etsy’s front page last week. I’m amazed and honored. The treasuries that were featured were simply amazing. Rich in color and texture. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I’ll be trying to post some more tomorrow, but I’m definitely still recovering from the trip so more later!


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