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My First Solo Jewelry Show

So I had my first solo jewelry party Saturday, and needles to say I was nervous as hell. In between falling of a chair while I was decorating, and trying to make my earring tags two hours before the party; I was convinced it was going to be a total failure, and found myself in a mental spiral blaming myself for not being prepared. Why oh why, did I leave so much for the last minute.

But I was wrong! The party turned out wonderful! Some friends came by early to help me finish decorating, and getting the food out while I got my forest display finished. And since the party was in my tiny communities clubhouse I wasn’t expecting much of a turn out, but boy was I happy to be wrong.

For three hours, there was tons of people coming in and out , even better everyone who came purchased something and said that they would be back for more!  Most people were amazed that I create this silver jewelry by hand, using Art Clay silver paste to cast leaves from my garden and creating other work from Art Clay Silver clay.

So over all, even though I left allot of it to the last minute; all my hard work was worth it! And now I have to get back to working on my forest table decor; I want it to be perfect for the next show!


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