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The Halloween That Wasn’t

Monster Puss Strawberries

Well I’ve been missing for a few days, but I swear I have a good excuse. I spent all of last week (when I wasn’t working on my jewelry) getting ready for our Halloween Party. Thursday and Friday I made ribbons for the costume contest plus Halloween crackers; paper towel tubes covered in black crepe paper, and then filled with toys and candy and sealed at the ends with orange spiders. I was also working on desserts. I wanted a lot of red and orange to really pop on the black trays that they were going to be on. So I dipped strawberries, dried mango, and apricots in dark chocolate, made pretzels wands dipped in milk chocolate with white chocolate and sprinkles whipped over them. Plus Chocolate cupcakes with bright orange colored vanilla butter-cream icing with chocolate and silver sprinkles. I was all set to be delicious!
We were just about finished getting the house ready Friday night,  when Rich and I decided to run out and grab a quick dinner.

That’s when it all started to go wrong. The first two places we went to had over an hour wait and these were just little burger joints, we finally settled on a restaurant with pub food. Still had to wait a while, but whatever. When we got our food it tasted funny, but I really thought that it was just from me being hungry; until I woke up at 2 am sick as could be. I spent the night in the bathroom, and Rich dragged me to the Emergency room by Saturday afternoon. Even worse I wasn’t discharged until after I received fluids and was  told I had food poisoning, way after the party would have been over.
So for all my planning I had to cancel my own party, but at least I was still able to give out the crackers to trick-or-treaters as well as a ton of candy. Plus all the grownups in our little community were more then happy to have a cupcake as they walked around with their kids. Rich and I ended the night sitting in front of our fire pit talking. So while it could have been an amazing Halloween, it went from horrible to pretty good. Hope you all had a very scary Halloween!

Pretzel Magic Wands

Tomato Soup Shooters


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