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I Love My New Studio

Strawberry, Coral Bell, Morning Glory, and Mint Leaves with four coats of silver clay applied.

Well I haven’t been posting new jewelry lately, and its all because I’ve been working on my new studio. I work in the garage, but I really don’t want it to feel like one. So I put in shelving above my new work table, and even more exciting lighting under the bottom shelf which makes for great task lighting. On the other side of the room I’ve just started to put together my office.  Eventually it will have a comfy couch, filing, my desk, and I can’t wait my computer in my actual studio. Right now the single wall outlet next to my work table is the only one in the room. I also have some pictures of the leaves that I started last week. There being strung and turned into necklaces and earrings right now.

Above Pink Wild Flower Leaves – with four coats of silver clay before being added to bracelet. Here you can see the two new red organizational cabinets that I got at Lowes. They have been amazing since now I have a spot for all those little jewelry tools. If your going to work with PMC you need lots of storage and a really neat space so that you can reclaim your silver.


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