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Homemade Halloween Decorations

A few weeks ago Rich and I went to Michael’s to buy all my Halloween craft supplies. I wound up just putting everything on the shelf in my studio, and forgetting about it for the last month. Then all of a sudden yesterday, I just had to work on it. I had bought paper mache skulls, black roses, rubber pumpkins, some shimmery leaves, fake ravens and glitter paint. I spent the day sitting on the living room floor and hot gluing my creations together then adding sparkle to all of the leaves with glitter paint. I wanted it to be a slightly Victorian over the top Romantic Halloween. With purple, black and glitter everywhere. I hope you like it!


One thought on “Homemade Halloween Decorations

  1. So evidently my SIL showed my nephews the pictures of my Halloween decorations and they loved them, but my 8 year old nephew said “he was very surprised about my artistic talents.” I just find this hilarious he’s extremely precocious, and I really never know what he’s going to say. I am going to have to teach him about just who the artists in the family are.

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