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Give Away Winner!

I’m very excited to announce the winner of the Inquisition Intaglio Print by Larry Vienneau, Susan of Suzees JubileeZ won with her wonderful raven inspired poem. You can find her needle felt work in her Etsy shop SuzeesJubileeZ. I was really astounded by the beauty and humor of the comments I received for this give away. Keep the comments coming with the posts ahead!

From the courtyard
The boy and I heard the cackling
off the tenements in the rough section of town
where the refugees and the pensioners lived.

We had been playing with plastic bubbles and
hiding plastic soldiers in the trees
When it started the boy imagined some
Mythical creature hidden in the clothesline
of a third floor walk up.
We saw nothing
A branch fell from high up the locust tree
And crashed on the side walk not
two feet from us
As it did a raven flew off
and perched on a building further down the street.
Lets play one more the boy said.
And one more after that.
It was an afternoon to abandon reason
Somedays all the stars just fall out the bottom of the barrel, for a bit it seems that we can’t capture them then
the children want to play and play endlessly. The raven laughs first
mysteriously, then infectiously and the barrel starts to glow again. even
in the canyons between the tenements where the bedbugs are plotting to
overtake the hill and branches are falling off spindly, but still green leafed trees, we dance in that glow.Everyday we listen for that laughter.


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