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A Week Of Curiosity

I find myself thinking of times long ago and things far away, but it’s fall and that usually where my mind goes. These three Treasuries were inspired by my thoughts of the past. I hope you enjoy them!

Cabinet of Curiosity
Curated By: OneLoomStudio
Featuring Work By: DecouDermy, CelticSeaTreasures, elseetee2, GeorginaCampbell, PULPmiscellania, ElementalAlchemist, brandywine, feistberger, REALBUTTERFLYGIFTS, wondrouscuriosa, juneswomb, VintageMarketPlace, LovelyMusings, honeyandbee, wickedpen, awkward


Pink Harvest Treasury
Curated By OneLoomStudio
Featuring Work By: puma, braggingbags, briguysgirls, bmjnyc, BumbershootDesigns, beyondtherockz, WeddingAisle, clairelafaye, plumprettysugar, cathyspee, NewFashionedWhispers, NHWoodscreations, madebysam2, EidelPrecious, DavieandChiyo, LizardiBridal


Bright and Shining Fall
Curated By: OneLoomStudio
Featuring Work By: worthygoods, sosaecaetano, ara133photography, prosttothehost, yogagoat, ThirtySixTen, polkadotshop, walkonthemoon, StudioElenus, moonlightbindery, tofashi, FickleKnitter, Venbead, sillycondesigns, knitknat, sunbasilgarden



5 thoughts on “A Week Of Curiosity

  1. Having the good fortune of finding my stacking rings in your Pink Harvest Wedding Treasury, I have to say I’ve visited it dozens of times! It’s an all-time favorite. Absolutely stunning. I see your others are equally beautiful! You have an artistic eye, and choose such beautiful items. Thank you so much!

  2. These really are fabulous treasuries! I loved that my vintage rhinestone earrings were included in the Pink Harvest Wedding collection, since it was just so gorgeous. And I’m glad to have a chance to see these other treasuries, you have a great eye, as Caroline said. Best wishes, and thanks again! ~Sharon, Bumbershoot Designs and Supplies

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