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Northern Lodge Scarf Give Away!

Do you like to live rustically? Are bird watching and hiking in the woods something that flips your skirt? Or maybe you’re just a snow bunny sitting in the lodge trying to look good. Anyway you slice it the Autumn Leaves scarf, handmade by Northern Lodge, could be the accessory to make your fall adventure complete. Hand knitted of super soft yarns and incredibly long, this scarf will keep you warm and looking great! Even more amazing, the yarns used in this scarf are up-cycled so no need to feel guilty about wearing it.

GREEN AND CLEAN: Northern Lodge uses up-cycled fibers in her beautifully knit scarves and blankets!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Northern Lodge is giving away the stunning scarf pictured above. To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment with your favorite fall activity, the best comment wins their own hand-knitted exceptionally soft scarf!
Giveaway ends midnight on Tuesday Oct. 5

Photo: Courtesy of Northern Lodge
Available at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Northernlodge


10 thoughts on “Northern Lodge Scarf Give Away!

  1. Fall is my favorite season – I most love cooking fall foods (pumpkins, apples, soups when it’s not 100 degrees out) and all the fall festivals – especially the Renaissance Festival!

  2. Oh, what an absolutely gorgeous scarf. I love the textures and colors.

    My favorite fall activity is collecting. I guess it’s my squirrel instinct – amass and collect and harvest… so we’re out in nature most days gathering up acorns, admiring the differences among the different types of oak leaves, bringing in lots of flowers at the end of their colorful lives to make into dried beauties or immune-boosting syrups (echinacea), marveling over leaves and dipping them in beeswax to preserve their color for the season, going a bit gourd crazy, gathering up dried corn husks to make into sweet corn dolls with a bit of wool and handiwork… and of course, gathering up the last bits of warm sunshine of the season to store away for those cold Ottawa months.

  3. My favorite fall activity is having a walk under the trees which are starting to change color from green to yellow- orange with listening some music or crushing the dried leaves fallen from the trees just to hear that crunching sound!

  4. Autumn is my favorite season. My favorite thing to do this time of year is to wake up early before the sun rises, pack myself up cozy and warm in delicious winter clothes, and start a-walkin. As the darkness ebbs away I make my way to the base of Green Mountain. With rose colored light filling all the nooks and crannies of the mountain floor, I start climbing. Autumn is the best time to climb mountains because you get to experience two seasons at the same time — as you climb farther and farther up the mountain, it’s like you are moving forward on the calendar. It’s not September anymore, it’s now October, then November, December, and here we are at the top, January! There’s almost always fresh snow to meet you and a dangerous-looking expanse of ice to meet you at the top. And when you’re finally there, at the top of that 12,000 ft mountain with a landscape of trees that span the color pallet teasing your eyes from so far below, there is nothing more peaceful. Once you’ve taken it all in, the journey back down is even more exciting: you find yourself back immersed in those autumn reds and oranges, and you can appreciate it even more because you know so well what lies ahead.

  5. Fall is my favourite season. I love generally being in the sun, especially going on walks around the foresty areas near my home on sunny days when the air is nice and cool.

  6. Fall and Spring are a close tie for my favorite season, But for both I guess my favorite activities are enjoying the outdoors, but for fall I get to go on late berry picking hunts. The dyed and pricked fingers are well worth the delicious treats, and usually the sun shinning and the wind out makes for just perfect weather, and sometimes I even get lucky and find a Cosmo bush to pluck a few flowers from to brighten my space at home.

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