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MayFair Witches

I’ve been rereading Anne Rice’s Witching Hour books, they are full of such vivid imagery. The way she describes the cities and plantations that her characters inhabit leaves me feeling as though I could walk right into her world of witchcraft and ghosts in New Orleans and the Caribbean. This Treasury was inspired by the history of the Mayfair family and the Mayfair Emerald.

Curated By: OneLoomStudio

Featuring The Work Of:   BattieClothing,  stilettoheights, grigiodesign, TwoBackFlats, vintagestew, lesperancetile, GypsyLadyHats, TaraBacci, mylavaliere, UNEARTHED, thesecretboutique, misfitchic, VictorianScarlett,  passionforbeauty, CutieDynamite, kvodesign


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