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Giardino’s Chipmunk and Acorn Pillow

There are animals and plants all around us, every moment, and for some designers they play a key role in the design process.  The amazing forms that nature can create are an unending source of inspiration. A great example of this is the Etsy shop Giardino’s. The work that you will see here is heavily inspired by nature whether it’s a block printed hand towel or this wonderful chipmunk pillow.

Giardino’s Chipmunk and Acorn pillow is a perfect way of bringing fall, in all its natural glory into your home. The soft earth tones and motifs will have you wishing that the coolness and crispness of autumn was already here. Created with vintage linen, cotton damask, and felt’s, (supplied by yet another great Etsy shop Felt on the Fly) which have been beautifully appliqued to the linen. This pillow is perfect for that forest themed nursery just remember to dry clean only. I don’t know about you but I’m heading over there right now to snag my goodies before there gone!

Green and Clean:  Giardino uses vintage fabrics and bamboo filling, which cuts down on pollutants caused by the manufacturing of textiles and uses quick growing bamboo which is a sustainable fiber!

Photo’s Courtesy of Giardino
Available http://www.etsy.com/shop/giardino


5 thoughts on “Giardino’s Chipmunk and Acorn Pillow

  1. First, what a lovely blog! Second – I adore Giardino’s work and her shop. She has a gifted eye for textiles and design, and a clear understanding of who she is as an artist. Bravo!

  2. Thanks so much Jessica! I’m so happy you found me – and thanks for promoting the handmade and design community. My chipmunk pillow is inspired by the many living in my backyard brush pile, and endless source of amusement for my cats…

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