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The Dark Maze – Halloween Crafts

We’ve started getting ready for Halloween, I just can’t wait for it to be here. I love the creepy decor and fun of dressing up, it makes for one of my favorite holidays.  I’ve started getting my craft projects in order and the first one up is a handmade maze. I made this with one of my nephews specially in mind, he’s 8 and loves games and puzzles.
Feel free to download the puzzle image that I created, and follow the steps along to create your own creepy maze. It’s perfect for any age Halloween or Birthday party!


1. Drag the maze image onto your desktop. Print out the pre-made puzzle and cut down to 5×5 in.

2. Cut black construction paper down to 6×6 in.

3. Center the map over the black construction paper and attach the maze to the construction paper using spray adhesive.

4. Over a sink carefully burn the edges of the construction paper. Once the paper catches fire blow it out and then tap the edges to extinguish any embers left burning.

5. Pair with some crayons and have fun.

6. Send me pictures of your creation, so everyone can see them.


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