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Back To School Origami

It’s fall and schools back in session, Mom’s everywhere are packing up there kids lunches and kids are heading to the cafeteria. Like so many Moms and Dads my Mother used to leave me notes in my lunch box, and with fall coming I thought what would be better then just a plane old note? How about an origami pumpkin, you can write a note to be unfolded or write your message on one of the pumpkins leaves. Afterwords you’re child is left with an adorable decoration for their desk.

The origami pumpkin seems challenging but when you take it step by step its actually pretty easy to do.

1. Write your note on the white side of your origami paper. (optional)

2. With the white side up, fold the paper in half horizontally and then fold it in half diagonally.  Open the paper back up, then flip over.

3. With the patterned side up fold the paper in half on the diagonal then repeat in the opposite direction.

4. Push the two sides into the center to form a triangle.

5. Take the bottom corner of the triangle and fold it to the top point.  Repeat with the other three corners.

6. You should now have a square.  Fold the outside corner into the center. Repeat for all four corners, two on the front of the square and two on the back.

7. Open up the pocket that was created when you folded the corner into the center. Fold down the flap over the pocket so that it will slide into the pocket. Repeat for all four pockets.

8. Turn over the paper so that one of the inner sides without folds is facing up

9. Now is the perfect time to draw on a funny Jack O Lantern face.

10.To open up the pumpkin gently blow air into the hole on the bottom of the pumpkin.

11. Next cut out your leaves and twist a piece of paper to make a quick and easy twisty vine.  Glue these on top.

12. All done. Now you have a cute little origami pumpkin.

If you send pictures of your origami pumpkin I’ll be happy to add them, so every one can see your handmade pumpkin.


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