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Burn Testing

I love working with great yarns and thread, and finding them in vintage shops or online can be wonderful. Unfortunately every once in a while when you do find a treasure it isn’t labeled. Knowing what you’re working with is always the first step when starting a fiber project. Following this simple chart will help you determine just what type of material you have and what you can do with it.

To determine what material your yarns are made of, one great method is to burn test the yarn. It’s a simple procedure that when following this chart you can determine just what type of materials you have.

– If the yarn is made out of several components separate them and test them individually.
– Hold the yarn horizontally. If it’s to small or limp, twist several strands together first.
– Only do this over a non-flammable surface. Be prepared to drop and extinguish the material if the flame gets to large.
– Slowly move the yarn into the flame. It is important to observe the yarn as it approaches, enters, and is removed from the flame. Also pay attention to the resulting ash and odor.
– Examine any ash or beads left. Be sure to let beads cool before attempting to crush them


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