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Ten Ways To Make Your Home a Greener Place to Live

Todays a great day to figure out how to be greener and kinder to Mother Earth whether you decide to put in a compost bin or invest in a rain-barrel.

1. Invest in a water barrel, drought is a major concern in the all over the US right now and I want to use as little city water for my garden as possible.

2. Get recycling bins into every room in the house so people will automatically sort their trash and nothing is accidently thrown away that could be recycled.

3. Insulate your home now, so that your air conditioning and later heat don’t get sucked out of the house. double glazed windows, more insulation, insulated wrap for your hot water heater, and programable thermostats are all a good way to lower your heating and cooling costs.

4. Buy as much local and organic food as possible, this way you not only support your local economy but you also cut down on the amount of gas used while shipping your food.

5. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle use less, fix what you have and most importantly recycle everything you can. It’s so much better for the earth to reuse our waste then letting it end up in a landfill where layers of trash in plastic bags with be unable to break down because of the sheer scale of it all. Most dumps in this country are closing down and its important to put less and less trash out every month.

6. Remember even when going green, there is less of an impact on the earth when you use something that already exists rather then buy something new, so while you might want all new dishes look for them someplace like a tag sale. New to you is always great!

7. Wash your clothing in cold water, by simply switching to cold water you save 90% of the energy used to run a hot load of laundry. Always clean the lint trap on your dryer that simple fix could save you around $34 a year and really who needs lintier clothing and the chance of a fire.

8. Personally I’m not a huge fan of grass, I just see it as another place to plant something usable but if your about to put in a new lawn make sure to use Perennial Ryegrass its more draught tolerant and needs fewer chemicals then regular grass.

9. Buying bedding and linens can be a huge challenge when your trying to go green. Unlike many people I don’t advocate bamboo, yet. The key reason being that the process of going from a woody fiber to a a silky rayon fabric just uses far to many extremely toxic chemicals. Unless the bamboo is processed like linen which you can find it under the name bamboo linen. What do I recommend? Organic cotton bedding with natural soy based dyes. I’ve found sheets that meet this exact description in Target so its totally doable.

10. And lastly go green with an electric or hybrid car. With fewer emissions and little fuel use these cars are our ticket to a greener planet!


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