How to use: Aura 22k Gold, Accent Gold for Silver, or Art Clay ACS gold Paste with Precious Metal Clay

Nature inspired wedding ring in silver and yellow gold.

Fine silver men’s wedding ring with gold paste  detail.

Today we’re going to talk about how to apply 22k gold to our precious metal clay pieces. This gold is sometimes called Aura 22k Gold, Accent Gold for Silver, or Art Clay ACS gold Paste. No matter what the product is called each one is intrinsically the same, this recycled gold medium is made when manufacturers take industrially used gold and break it down to a super fine powder, then it’s mixed with organic binders and water to a paste like consistency, much like with silver clay paste.

Gold Paste should be smooth with a thick milky consisteny.

Aura 22k Gold Paste in it’s hydrated form ready to be used on jewelry.

When you receive your gold it comes with a tube of liquid media, this is because the gold paste will often dry out within a few days of the packaged being opened. Not to worry, the day before you’re going to use your gold paste simply add between three and ten drops of media depending on how dry the gold is. Mix the paste for five minutes with a straightened paper clip that is designated for this use. It’s important to keep this paperclip clean and separate from your other work space, since you’ll always be mixing the gold right before it’s application. Here you can see what the gold looks like when it’s ready for use, it has a smooth texture and thick consistency.

Your piece of silver jewelry must be specially prepared to take the gold paste. Start out by first firing it with normal kiln or torch times, making sure it is completely sintered, but do to not handle the piece with your bare hands after it’s fired. You want to avoid getting any oils on the silver. If you do think the piece has gotten anything on it, clean it well with denatured alcohol.

Apply three coats of Precious Metal Clay Paste and allow to dry.

The top of this fine silver Art Clay ring has been coated with three layers of Art Clay Paste and allowed to dry.

Then, carefully brush two to three layers of silver clay paste onto the area of jewelry you will be coating with gold, letting it dry well between coats. These layers of silver will form a strong bond to the gold preventing chipping, cracking, or flaking. Two layers will give you a medium gold sheen, three a deep gold. Remember to mix the gold for five minutes before each application.

One Loom Studio fine silver ring using Precious Metal clay and Accent Gold.

Precious Metal Clay Band with 2 coats of Accent Gold leaf detail.

When firing a piece that has gold on it, you need to watch it carefully because if it gets to hot the gold molecules will sink into the silver and have a muted appearance. Try to keep the piece cherry red for two to seven minutes depending on the size of the piece. Once cooled, tumble to work harden the metal, then patina or polish as you choose.

Summer Accessories Silver and Gold Geometric Leaf Ring from One Loom Studio

Handmade jewelry from One Loom Studio, silver Oregano leaf ring with 22k gold accent.

Handmade gold and silver leaf ring from One Loom Studio.

I’ve been working on a new project for a while. Thin, super delicate bands with a gold leaf mounted on the top. I was so excited last week to finally not only get one done, but to remember to make the studio sample in my size, so I get a new ring! it really is one of the best perks to making custom jewelry. I’m really happy with this piece even though I think I’d go darker on the gold the next time around. I always feel like gold leaves on jewelry are the perfect accessory for the end of summer and fall.

Delicate fine silver ring with leaf detail and 22k gold highlights.

Handmade fine silver leaf ring with 22k gold accent. Made with all recycled metal.

Simple fine silver twig ring with gold highlights.

A delicate, geometric, abstract, way of looking at a forest branch. A new type of women’s ring.

Red White and Blue Fourth of July Fashions the Vintage Way

Vintage inspired 4th of July beachwear.

Vintage Rockabilly inspired fourth of July summer beach fashions.

Featuring work by: shevampsSABRINATACHSweetLollipopShopFablesbyBarriegbrosseauGalvestonTradingCoParadeVintageApparelRedDollySwimwearMySugarDollLaurelPhotoandCraftLepun, TrueJerseyChickClassiqueGiantSparrowswithlovebunnyBootyHeartJewelry

I can’t wait for the summer to heat up and the fireworks to start. Here are a few great pieces from Etsy, sure to make your summer even better!